Specifically designed to have the biggest impact possible on changing how your body looks, works and moves. It is well a well-known fact that to achieve great results, to need to be working with a personal trainer 2-3 times per week. Our number one priority was to help more people access the personal training (PT) experience without the price tag.

So how did we do this? The answer is GPT Our personal trainers run GPT sessions Monday to Saturday. Each day there is a different workout focusing on a different energy system. This allows you to access every aspect of fitness from strength, to cardio, to mobility to workout capacity.

The beauty of GPT is that you can train six days a week for less than the cost of just one single PT session! No Thinking. No Planning. Just walk in the door and do what we say. Everyone follows this system without question and sees enormous change!

Forget cold and restrictive outdoor boot camps. Join a small, non-intimidating group and experience the fun way to rapidly burn calories. GPT training is the future of fast and fun, fat-incinerating workouts, set in a dedicated group training studio where intensity and variety go hand in hand!

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